How To Know When Its Time To Replace Your RBC27 Battery 1

Are you focused on keeping your American Power Conversion Battery backup system in good shape? Not to sure on when has to be good time and energy to replace your RBC27 power supply? Well, American Power Conversion recommends replacing your power supply once every three or four years it is in service. I know what you are probably thinking at this time, how is it that I replace something which isn’t broken? Well there’s a good explanation to your question, you start with the what sort of RBC27 battery functions.

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Your American Power Conversion rack-mount battery backup system is programmed to constantly keep the RBC27 battery pack in a very charged state in order to be ready at the fraction of the seconds notice if the main power source fails. Unfortunately, one of several adverse affects until this is wearing the RBC27 battery is that it does generate trace levels of heat in the battery. Over time, this heat can cause irreversible damage to the internals of the battery and slowly diminish its capacity that is directly related to its run-time. This process actually starts to have a considerable toll around the 3 year mark from the RBC27 power supply in service, and definately will progressively worsen since it is left in service. This could have a very serious affect all of your battery backup system’s effectiveness in the event of your power-outage.

The heat brought on by constant charging could also possess a second affect around the RBC27 battery. Inside the RBC27 aluminum box resides eight individual twelve volt seven amp hour sealed lead acid batteries. Over time the warmth generated from constant charging may cause the cases on these small sealed lead acid batteries to weaken and crack or deform. If the batteries in the unit deform, they can expand a great deal and ultimately miss-shape the RBC27 cartridge making it tough for it to be removed. In the case from the sealed lead acid battery’s case cracking, the rest of the electrolyte inside batteries has become absolve to leak out in the battery and cause severe problems for either the inner circuitry of one’s RBC27 battery power or perhaps the circuitry of your respective rack-mounted battery backup system controller.

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All in all of the, though it can be a pain to exchange these batteries every 3 to 4 years, you’ll have peace of mind concerning overall system health insurance and business uptime. I would not recommend waiting any more that the four year mark to switch your RBC27 battery otherwise you might fall subject to the hazards stated previously.