Battery Reconditioning For Lead Acid Batteries Is Easy 1

Battery reconditioning for lead acid batteries is quickly learning to be a easy way to spend less (and in many cases earn a little extra on the side). Lead acid batteries will be the hottest batteries to recondition simply because the savings accumulate very quickly. The best part will be the equipment because of this project is actually quite cheap and simple to make use of.

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Before you begin battery reconditioning your lead acid batteries there’s a test you need to run first to see if battery is a good candidate for your reconditioning process.

The first thing to remember isn’t every battery could be fixed. About 10% of these simply won’t be able to become reconditioned. In order to test whether it’s OK all you need is a fairly easy multi-meter that could measure voltage. As long as it is holding a smaller charge you need to be able to recondition it.

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If the battery isn’t holding any charge look at the water levels. If they’re low top them on top of de-ioninzed water (never use plain tap water since it has minerals in it). Hook it up with a trickle charger overnight and check to find out if it’s holding electric power charge every day. It it really is than you’re good to go otherwise that battery isn’t a great candidate to be fixed.

Once you’ve found a great battery you’re ready to start the reconditioning process. It’s actually quite easy. All that is needed to connect a desulfator (which known as a nanopulser) to battery and allow it to do it’s magic. After a couple days you trickle charge it overnight and see how much more charge it’s holding.

It’s a wash, rinse, and repeat process. You continue hooking the desulfator up for a couple days, charging, and measuring it until it is holding greater than 14V. It usually takes a week or two, however the savings are very worth the cost.

Remember to remain safe and enjoy the money you’re saving by reconditioning your old lead acid batteries.